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We Have us, that Alexander the nice stood along with his army on the western shore of the Tigris River. He and his men had marched north from Tyre, crossing acres and acres of blackened land. 

Darius II had his Immortals burn to the bottom the long wheat grass that had been growing there.
He had hoped to slow the advance of Alexander and his mighty fighting force

They ready currently to ford the Tigris, and to continue onward toward the village of Mosul. They knew that king and also the Persian warriors were camped close on the plain of Gaugamela.
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They remained unaware of Darius newest plan of action once Alexander and his men reached the plain of Gaugamela, they found that the bottom had been created level.

Darius expected his scythed chariots to propel themselves forcefully into the Greek forces, with their snakelike blades rending at the flesh of each horses and men 

 Alexander's initial impulse was to direct his men on a chase when the fleeing Darius. He chose, instead, to travel south to city, wherever he allowed his men to own one month of rest. From there Alexander headed his army east, toward the treasures that lay in central Persia into the eversing g deas compass point dead. Its or 3 ve. Some uring the e animals throughout r. one doesn't 1s burrow full-width

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